One time I laughed so hard I almost shot a piece of apple pie out my nose. I don't recommend trying that.




area 51 is just the american wizarding school

aliens is a perfect cover story


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Selenis Leyva on why Orange is the New Black should win an Emmy

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if someone wanted to come whisk me away right now to drive aimlessly into the desert until we find the greatest adventure of our lives and/or some deeper understanding of our own existence i’d be pretty okay with that. 


literally me every fucking time

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What do you think love is?


One thing that most people overlook in the HP series is that Tonks could look WHATEVER SHE WANTED TO LOOK. Like, she could be the prettiest woman on Earth. But instead she goes around with her own face and FRICKIN PINK HAIR.

If this isn’t a “love and be yourself” message, I don’t know what it is.